The beauty of gaming and pudding.

Keyboard basics
The beauty of gaming and pudding.

"Beauty" - both poets and artists follow it. We are looking for beauty not only in nature, art and philosophy, but also in our phones, clothes, furniture and… in gaming. We often value beauty above common sense, we try to surround ourselves with it. Our world is defined by the essence of beauty, and yet we try to define it. As the philosopher George Santayana noted in his 1896 book The Sense of Beauty, there is "a very radical and universal tendency to observe and appreciate beauty." Philosophers like Santayana have tried to understand beauty for centuries, but in these times, after years of research, science comes to explain the essence of beauty. And while it cannot yet tell us what beauty is, it can tell us where it is - or where it is not. There is no shortage of theory about what makes an object aesthetic. Ideas about proportion, harmony, symmetry, order, complexity and balance have been extensively researched by psychologists. These theories date back to 1876 - in the early days of experimental psychology - when the German psychologist Gustav Fechner provided evidence that when people observe shapes and images, they follow the so-called the golden ratio (the ratio is approximately 1.6:1). You can read about how our brain perceives and understands beauty and what the golden ratio is in numerous scientific studies. However, the conclusions are clear - we like nice things and we like to surround ourselves with them.

Keyboard with pudding keycaps.

We are gamers too, and we also pay attention to aesthetics. Therefore, in MODECOM Volcano Gaming products, we try not only to provide practical solutions (necessary for good fun), but also aesthetic ones. At the end of 2021, we introduced the MODECOM Volcano Lanparty Pudding Edition keyboard. Based on the well-known, good and appreciated by gamers MODECOM Volcano Lanparty keyboard, we decorated it with beautiful pudding keycaps. The keycaps up to 2/3 of their height are made of translucent milk material. Thanks to this design, the RGB LED backlight gains strength - the translucent material distributes the colors evenly over the keyboard. Thanks to aluminium top of keyboard our sense of sight is filled with a beautiful color of bright, colored light. The keyboard looks especially beautiful after dark, when the RGB backlight is turned on and delicately “touches” every corner of the desk. When we add that keyboard is equipped with reliable mechanical switches, handy TKL size, dedicated software and anti-ghosting functions, we have a complete device. This is the beauty of MODECOM Volcano Gaming!