Full of holes as a Swiss cheese.

Mice play
Full of holes as a Swiss cheese.

Many mice have passed through my hands. I belong to the generation of people who used the legendary mice with a ball inside, although my childhood belonged to the joystick and the Amiga cult. The good old days.

Over the years, I changed mice for a prosaic reason - the new mouse was to provide modern solutions and enjoy spending time at the computer. And since I divide my time at the computer between games and work, I greedily look at new designs and ideas of gaming mice producers, knowing that these constructions also work well in everyday work.

My last mouse, which I have been using for more than one year now, is the Volcano Shinobi 3360 mouse. This choice was made due to the lightness of the construction and less sweating of the palms. In addition, a great PixArt 3360 sensor, cool backlight, good sliders - everything suits my needs. And although I am a traditionalist in choosing mice, after one year  I can say something more about this innovative (for me) design. But let’s start from the beginning.

These holes are not so terrible.

The mouse belongs to the "ultralight" category with its weight of72 grams, which was possible thanks to this "perforated" design. A simple mechanismworks here - less material and therefore lighter weight. These holes in mousestructure are also on the bottom of the mouse. The whole thing is a bit like aconstruction site - at first glance it is a honeycomb-shaped mouse skeleton,but everything fits perfectly and you don't feel any less material in any way. Another proof thatnature can inspire you to do cool things.

Less sweat - better comfort.

However, the biggest advantage I noticed was actually the reduced sweating. Because most of the hand's surface is in contact with a honeycomb structure, sweating is greatly limited. A completely new experience than in other mice, where a small, moist and unpleasant layer of sweat appears on their surfaces, especially when it’s hot.

Does it get dirty?

But along with these holes came the greatest concern about the hygiene of the mice. After all, through this whole honeycomb structure you can see all the "guts" of the mouse, and the mouse (just like the keyboard) can get dirty quite quickly and unpleasantly. To my surprise, and contrary to my previous experience with computer mice, this mouse doesn't get so dirty. I personally see two reasons why this is so. First, it is a pandemic times and more frequent hand hygiene, including the systematic use of an antibacterial hand wash. The second is this specific structure that reduces sweating.

So what is the reason why it doesn't get dirty as it might seem? Does it matter? Everything is as it should be - clean. It is worth mentioning that I have been using the mice for almost a year, and I have never cleaned this "honeycomb" structure yet. Therefore, after all this time spent with the Volcano Shinobi mouse, I can confirm that it is a successful and fun adventure.