Giantus maximus. Why do you need such a large mousepad?

Small and large mouse pads
Giantus maximus. Why do you need such a large mousepad?

How big? Very large, 1600 mm long, i.e. 1.6 meters. Of course, we are talking about the Volcano Meru mouse pad. Some time ago, the Spanish daily "El Pais" took a look at the question of the growth of people in the world, which based on publicly available data created an unusual map of the world. It was about the average height of citizens of individual countries. The research shows that statistically the average height for a man in Europe is exactly 180 cm, and for a woman 167 cm. So Volcano Meru is only 7 cm "shorter" than the statistical woman in Europe. No wonder, then, that Volcano Meru takes up most of the desk space - and many of them even exceed ... It has its advantages, which we will tell you about.

Big can do more.

The more, the better. Yes, of course! After all, perhaps you are the owner of an old desk, the top of which, is not in a good condition. With a large mousepad you put it on your desk and voila! Volcano Meru covers entire table top. Volcano Meru is designed with fashionable and modern graphics as well as waterproof and easy-to-clean material. If something spills on the pad, then a damp cloth is enough, so you can easily clean spilled juice, water or other sweet drink. Another argument in favor of such a gigantic size is the DPI settings of the mouse. If your mouse is set to low DPI, then it is not the mousepad that restricts your mouse movements, but only the desk and its surface. It is much more pleasant to play on such a pad, where the amount of space is enormous.

The material makes the difference.

Okay - a large mousepad. Not only the size is important here, but also the quality and material from which it is made - the perfect balance between mouse speed and control. That is why it will be great for FPS games such as Counter-Strike or Fortnite as well as in other RPG productions and all kinds of strategies. You will not only quickly aim at the enemy, but also precisely shoot with a sniper rifle. How much fun! This is definitely the mousepad that will change your gaming skill.