Let’s play with "Prometheus" - why do you need a good microphone.

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Let’s play with "Prometheus" - why do you need a good microphone.

You enter the game. You are waiting for the rest of the team. The team is ready, everyone has confirmed their presence. You see a loading screen and you still have few more seconds for a drink or a snack, because you know it will be a long game.

The fact that good communication is essential in multiplayer games does not need to be explained to anyone. Clear messages from team members will be crucial to provide support and locate the enemy. Or - as in Among us video game - explain to the rest of the team that you are not the imposter.

The microphone comes into play.

High quality of microphone is essential to have fun with friends. Depending on the technology used, the microphones in the headphones differ significantly from each other. This can be seen primarily in the sound quality. The voice that our friends know will differ from what is finally heard after it "passes" through the microphone. But understanding the messages is of utmost importance here.

What does the Volcano Prometheus microphone sound like? You can find a sound sample thanks to the PurePC in which the headphones were thoroughly tested:


Depending on the technological solutions used, there is a flexible microphone or microphone often hidden inside the earcup. Both solutions have their advantages, but it seems that a flexible microphone is a more interesting solution. First of all, it can be conveniently and easily placed close to the face, which improves the recording of sound and at the same time positively influences the understanding of our speech. Secondly, the convenience of using it has a positive effect on our comfort. It is worth noting that the microphone, e.g. in the Volcano Prometheus model, is detachable. This increases the comfort of using the headphones when microphone is not in use, reducing (symbolically, but still) their weight.

An interesting accessory is a sponge on the microphone. It aims to eliminate sounds from the so-called "plosive consonants" like "P" or "B", but also protects microphone against saliva and spits from the mouth. The sponge on the microphone significantly improves the comfort of conversations with the team.

Therefore, if you are looking for good headphones, pay attention to the microphone. Especially if you need an interesting and affordable multiplayer game set – choose Volcano Prometheus.