Pure and innocent.

Keyboard basics
Pure and innocent.

White is a symbol of purity and innocence. The white color is also a symbol of a new beginning when we say "start with a carte blanche". White is also hygiene and the symbolism of health (white sheets, white doctors' coats, etc.). On the other hand, paint producers eagerly reach for the phrase "immaculate white", emphasizing the purity of the color symbolism. White, once popular in vans and business cars as the cheapest, even basic (next to navy blue) automotive paint, has evolved and is now available in the premium segment for high price (such as "diamond white" in a Mercedes AMG).

Aside from the practicality of white, it is a color you might like. Especially when our room is stylized in minimalism. Often white furniture, white walls and the broadly understood "design" in pure white is gaining popularity. Therefore, do not be surprised that we are expanding the family of white gaming devices. After the great white MODECOM Volcano Prometheus headphones, the beautiful MODECOM Volcano Shinobi mouse and the amazing MODECOM Volcano Lanparty Pudding Edition keyboard, the Volcano Gaming family is enlarged by a new version of the MODECOM Volcano Lanparty RGB keyboard in white.

Same but different.

When you look at the MODECOM Volcano Lanparty RGB keyboard in white, you will not notice any changes, except for the color. Is it bad or good? Although the Volcano Lanparty RGB keyboard has been on the market for years, it has become such a recognizable and popular model that we do not want to interfere with its currently optimal configuration. Therefore, you will still find an aluminum top, TKL size, Outemu mechanical switches, 16.7 million colors RGB LED backlight and dedicated software. All this at a decent price. If you are looking for a keyboard for casual gaming, Volcano Lanparty RGB will be a great choice. For more advanced players, we recommend MODECOM Volcano Lanparty 2 or MODECOM Volcano Lanparty RGB BT keyboards based on mechanical Gateron switches.

If you are looking for a fashionable and modern looking white mechanical keyboard - Volcano Lanparty RGB will surely meet your expectations. After all, we also appreciate not only the practicality, but also the aesthetics of the gaming stand.